Best Selection of Woks

Ken Hom

The Ken Hom range Woks has being around since 1986 and has been a favourite for those starting to use Woks for the first time. Ken Hon Woks come in three different categories, Classic, NutriWok Kit and TAO. The classic range was design to offer practicality and ease of use, with the option of Carbon Steel and Non-Stick Carbon Steel. The NutriWok Kit comes a complete set with A carbon steel wok featuring an improved dishwasher safe non-stick coating (Paoflon) and a contemporary phenolic handle with Ken Hom signature (35cm wok also features a phenolic helper handle), a recipe book and a DVD showing you how to cook some of the recipes.

 Le Creuset

Le Creuset has been creating cooking products since 1925.  Until today the company continue to improve on its quality of cooking products, while maintaining proven traditional techniques.  The Le Creuset range of Woks is known for their durability and quality, and are usually featured at the high-end side of the market.  Made using the traditional casting methods their woks, the woks allow the heat to spread evenly across the surface. You can also season them to give you cooking that taste and flavour you cannot get in other cooking products.


Greenpan is known for their eco friendly production and colourful woks. According to Greenpan, they used 60% less C02-emissions during application of the coating and recycled materials are part of the product and packaging. The coating of the Greenpan is made of Silica (sand) rather than the normal fluoropolymers that PTFE non sticks come from. By using silica as the non stick solution the Greenpan woks can withstand far higher temperatures of up to 450C, which is 190C higher than traditional pans. This can help to protect the woks interior for longer. Typhoon, the maker of Greenpan said the Greenpan has faster and more even heat distribution.

 Kitchen Craft

Introduce a Kitchen Craft Wok to your kitchen and impress friends and family with delicious oriental inspired meals. The Kitchen Craft woks are available different sizes and style to suite, with deep-sloped sides that give you maximum room to stir your ingredients. The Kitchen Craft woks are made from carbon steel, which is the traditional material used for making woks and heavy gauge steel for added durability. Their double-layered non-stick coating also helps to make the wok easy to clean despite cooking at such high temperatures. Kitchen Craft woks are dishwasher safe, suitable for all heat sources – induction and stable cooking. You get 10 years guarantee for the wok and 3 year non-stick guarantee.


The Tefal range of woks is more on the budget side they are not for heavy use either. According to Tefal they woks offers their Thermo-spot patented technology, which lets you know when your pan is hot enough to start cooking. With riveted stainless steel handles and silicone insert make them comfortable to hold and for you to use it as a way to stir your ingredients. Inside is coated with Prometal Pro non-stick reinforced ultra-hard minerals and out has hard enamel for easy cleaning and resistant. You get some Tefal woks as Ceramic in a different colour and for Jamie Oliver fans; there is a range just for you.


Typhoon has a very extensive wok range some also come a set with accessories which include stainless steel tempura rack, bamboo tongs, bamboo spatula packed in to a full colour gift box; not many woks come with a cover you can get one form Typhoon. The Typhoon woks are made from heavy gauge carbon steel body for quick and even heat distribution, and like other woks, they offer a secure ergonomic handle with an integral hanging hook for easy storage. According to Typhoon you can get them in non-stick or carbon steel finish; non-stick if you like no fuss, no mess healthy cooking or carbon steel if you like low maintenance authentic Asian cookery. In terms of colours, you can get in plain stainless steel and black coated. They are dishwasher safe.

 Electric Wok

The versatility of the wok makes an electric wok an ideal travelling cooking partner. Its transportability makes it easy to use in a variety of different settings its perfect for people looking to cook on the road. However, an electric wok deserves special consideration. It is important that you follow the care directions recommended for the interior surface material in your wok. If your wok is immersible for washing for washing, be sure to remove any parts not immersible, such as the heat control. Thoroughly dry every part of the wok before you reassemble it or plug it in. Be sure to read and follow the use and care guide prepared by the manufacturer of your electric wok.